Introducing Sam & Shadow!

Introducing Sam & Shadow!

sorry we’ve been rather quiet – we’ve been extremely busy!

We are so excited to introduce the world to Sam and Shadow the characters in our new rhyming picture book adventure. Here’s a sneak peek at our beautiful front cover, so you can meet them!

The book is a beautiful journey of discovery for children of 5+ which also offers many opportunities for further discussions and activities with your child… and it introduces the magical concept of the ‘Lovely Stuff’ – a practice that encourages gratitude and positivity in young children, as well as empowering them to tackle any bedtime anxieties.

Beautifully illustrated in a modern twist on vintage style, by Lauren Patterson, the story begins when Sam’s mother comments that he is struggling with a wild imagination – so much so that at night he is ‘afraid of his own shadow’. Naturally, Sam’s oldest friend – Shadow – is horrified and vows to meet Imagination and stop him. In so doing, he must face his very first night, but also as the night progresses he realises that Imagination is not human at all. Instead it is actually a wonderful thing which Sam is in control of! Of course, the two boys devise the perfect way to manage his night time fears and enjoy the benefits of playing with Imagination during the day time… introducing: the ‘Lovely Stuff’.

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Print date: 21 February 2020
Anticipated fulfilment of European/US orders: May 2020