There is a wide range of activities on offer for schools when you book a visit from Melissa. From a straightforward reading and Q & A session, through to more focused activities such as a guided discussions on self discovery, or a range of art and craft fun as they create jungle characters from Hippo; or shadow puppets from Sam’s adventure. There are even musical and mathematical options!

Sessions can take 1 – 4hrs, and are designed to fit around the school’s timetable and interests.

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It was wonderful having Melissa, the author of Hide and Seek Hippo, into our school to spend time with the children and convey her passion for her work.

Meeting a real live author greatly increased the children’s interest in books, helping them understand how books are produced and boosted the confidence of many of the aspiring writers in our school. It aided the school’s goal of creating life-long lovers of reading and literature.

As the children asked questions about the stages of writing a book and where the inspirations came from they started to make links to their own life experiences and how they can use them to enhance their individual literacy journeys. The buzz in the hall was infectious and watching the children’s inquisitive minds being stimulated and motivated was an incredible experience to be part of. This was a first experience for many of our children and it was wonderful for them to experience these links.

The children still pick up their copies of Hide and Seek Hippo and remember the day that the author read to us and answered our questions. They excitement they display is one that creates a great ethos of reading for pleasure. 

Jacqueline Blackmore, Holtspur School, Buckinghamshire

Dear Mellissa,

Thank you so much for visiting Highnam C of E Academy. What a fantastic afternoon the children had! It was lovely to see the excitement on their faces as they met a ‘real-life’ author. You brought the book alive with your story telling and it was lovely to see wide-eyed children looking so enthused. At Highnam we are encouraging children to write like readers and meeting authors is an inspiring way to enthuse our school community and build a love of reading and literature. Thank you for helping us on our journey with achieving this aim.

Best wishes,

Liz Coldrick, Highnam C o E Primary Academy